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Young Han
Young Han

Young is a serial entrepreneur, advisor, and investor with more than 20 years of success in creating and implementing strategic operations plans to solve growth challenges. Previously based in Silicon Valley, Young played an instrumental role at hyper-growth venture-backed companies like Philz Coffee and Limelight Health; he wrangled the masses at Starbucks and Apple; and he has since built a myriad of businesses, including FYA. In the last 2.5 years, Young and FYA have scaled over 15 companies, helping them to grow their revenue, employee base, and move faster than they had planned. When he is not consulting, he hosts a parenting podcast called The Girl Dad Show and focuses all of his time keeping up with his wife and two daughters.

Jamie is a seasoned operations and marketing professional with deep expertise across the healthcare supply chain. She is a strong generalist, capable of parachuting into new teams or organizations and designing highly-efficient processes extremely quickly. Previously on the growth team at Oscar Health, Jamie oversaw several key initiatives pre- and post-IPO that drove the growth and retention of key consumer segments, contributing to a 2x increase in membership. She is excited to take her skills to help more startups in hyper-growth stages. When Jamie isn't at her desk, you can find her singing jazz and showtunes, skiing and hiking, or spending time with her husband and two kittens.

Jamie Rosenberg
Jamie Rosenberg
Director, Business and Strategy Operations

A letter to entrepreneurs:

We haven’t met but I probably like you already. We are kindred spirits. We want to build something; we want to run something of our own making. You  left traditional employment, complete with a salary and benefits, and you ventured into the depths of entrepreneurship. You loved something enough to make it your living.

We are part of a somewhat exclusive tribe. We are passionate, hardworking and able to take on risk. We strive for something. That “something” consumes us. And it can take over as we find success in our business.

I started FYA because I want you to succeed in your business venture and still be able to live your life. I have seen too many talented people give up on their passion because they didn't have the right support at the right time for the stage of their business.

Building a successful business is a series of big leaps and it is decidedly not easy! It requires introspection and attention to detail, and sometimes many skills that are new to you. But you saw something you wanted to fix, to create, to solve. And here you are now facing challenges you didn’t anticipate. With some sound advice and fresh perspectives, I aim to inspire you to follow your passion,

There will be a lot of barriers, but they are surmountable.

I offer straightforward advice and questions designed to help you reflect on your business goals and vitality. I give you detailed advice on the hows and whys of business management and growth.  I tackle the tough stuff, like people issues and when to cut losses on failing projects. I don't just tell you how to build or improve your strategy –I help you do it. I'm also an entrepreneur many times over and it's my passion to help you succeed in yours by keeping the end in focus.

I also want to remind you of something I find absolutely essential: HAVE FUN! You want to run the company, not have the company run you. Nearly all of the entrepreneurs and startup founders I advise say the same thing: HOW DID I GET HERE? Take, for example, a person who loves to bake so much that they decide to open a pastry shop. Within months of opening, they find themselves spending all of their time on purchasing, personnel, taxes, banking and operations. They haven’t been near an oven in months. They – you – need to get back to doing what they love.

Our partnership will be informative, entertaining and directional – a compass to help you get and stay on track. Let's get you back to doing what you love and having fun, while taking your business to the next level.