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Biz Ops In a Box

Forever Young Agency (FYA) specializes in building highly-effective business operations functions for startups in high-growth and transition stages. At FYA, we understand that there are many moving parts for startups in transition stages. These high-growth periods require a strategic mind that can support multiple departments without being relegated to a single function.

That’s where we come in. We help startups like you improve operations with a personalized, no-size-fits-all approach. With Young operating as the high-level strategist and hard-and-fast decisionmaker and Jamie operating as the get-it-done-in-no-time executor on all things, our small but mighty team will help you stand up an entire business operations function so you can take advantage of your untapped potential and tackle new initiatives.

What Is Our Approach To Biz Ops?

Strategy and Communication

We form our strategy by synthesizing the market, understanding competitive advantages, and diving into the ins and outs of your business. Then we create a financial model to achieve our goals.

Financial Modeling

We’ll build a financial model to showcase the changes we'll put into place. The model acts both as a barometer to gauge our success and also as a way to document our learnings.

Program Management

With a financial plan in place, we then develop a project plan that will help us achieve our goals. We work directly with your teams across functions to program manage the plan into execution – or we do it for you.

BI and Analytics

We identify the key indicators we need to monitor to ensure that our projects are successful. We will work with your team to build analytics that enable us to track our efforts for success.  

How Do You Know When You Need FYA? 

Our Biz Ops in a Box services can be useful for a variety of projects. We can help you implement special projects from SWOT to execution; we can help you execute on projects you’ve always wanted to test that are not currently assignable to your current leadership team due to bandwidth, competency, or priorities; and we can help you build a department that brings your business to the next level. Think of us as an extension of your current team. We’re here to help you strategize, plan, execute, and monitor success.

Your Needs
How FYA Helps

Tools and Systems Overload
You feel like you spend more time logging into new productivity tools that are supposed to save you time but end up sucking up your time.

We help you consolidate and prioritize the tools and systems that actually allow you to succeed. We train your staff on how to use these tools efficiently.

Broken Processes
You have great plans, strategy, and sometimes even alignment but things get stuck and don't move forward.

We are results-driven process-building maniacs. We help you build organizational charts and standard operating procedures that will make your business operations and decision-making seamless.

You have too much of the wrong information to make the best decisions for your business. You need dashboards and models that help you answer specific questions to your business and the cookie cutter reports don't tell you the story.

We train your teams to be better at summarizing information in documents, dashboard, and models. We build processes around encouraging frequent team-wide and company-wide updates to ensure all team members are apprised of the most important information.

You spend countless hours aligning your team and rallying the troops to a strategic plan. You need help focusing your energy into a sequence of priorities and more importantly what you're not going to work on now.

We train your teams to be better project and program managers, so that the senior leaders can focus their energy on high-priority decision-making.

We Provide a Unique All-In-One Experience That You Can Trust

If your startup needs to make changes and move forward faster, we are the right solution for you. We can plug-and-play until you have the need to hire a full-time Biz Ops team, or we can work on the next project with you as you continue to scale. 

The most trusted partner
Affordable services that save you money
Unlimited expertise
No more juggling around with multiple agencies

With over 2 decades of experience, the Forever Young Agency team has helped shape some of the most successful companies in the world. We have a team of industry experts that work with you to develop a plan on how to keep your company running smoothly.

Outsourcing your Business Operations Services can be a good way to reduce costs and boost revenue. Getting these services off your hands is a great way to reduce your staff costs, as well as manage your business processes. 

We have experience in all departments of business operations services, so if you need help with anything, we're here for you! If it's not listed above, let us know and we'll find an expert for you.

We help you with everything, from your needs of sourcing and procurement to your supply chain, HR, marketing, sales, and customer operations to finance and accounting - we do it all!