2023 Is All About Relationships

Service is a very broad term, but I've realized that I love it both as an act of working with clients and also as an industry. 

I started my consulting service business focused on tech startups and helping them with what I knew how to do best: BizOps, fractional COO, and utility roles. It was super fun. Exhilarating. Being so specific in the stage, type of transition, type of clients, with a very specific problem; you get very good at what you do. And I got very into it. I fell in love with building the systems and processes that allow these great ideas to flourish. It was an entrepreneurial dream to be able to work with so many companies tackling so many interesting ideas. 

In year 2, I started to work with service business owners and helped them achieve their business goals. Similar to my experience being a tech consultant I found the service businesses exhilarating as I got to learn about a wide variety of industries and problems. And I got to see first hand how different funding strategies, leadership, tactics, end goals, and culture could impact a company’s ability to succeed. 

Heading into my 4th year in a service business I can say that I’m very confident that I love being a service business owner. It is not what I thought I would be doing but I’m so glad that I’m here. It’s been such a wild journey learning about so many businesses and intimately working with so many different types of people jammed into such a short few years. I’ve learned so much about myself, business, people and most importantly. . . 

I’ve learned that I really love building relationships. 

I love the bonds that I have formed with founders and owners that I have served. And I can say that I’ll be lifelong friends with most of them. It’s incredibly gratifying and satisfying to feel so full and content in my 40s.

I’m still figuring out who and what I want to be when I grow up but I do feel like I’ve finally taken a large step towards answering that. 

I’m excited about where FYA is going this year, as there are a lot of changes that are coming in my life that support me doing what I love. I’m also excited to announce more this year about the future of the business; and for now, I’ll share several great things we’re working on:

  1. The framework that I have designed taking all my learnings from working with dozens of tech and service businesses
  2. A Full Time job opportunity, as Jamie has fully ramped up her abilities using our framework to service our current and future clients
  3. A membership subscription with courses and downloads of our business operating framework. 

It has been an unbelievable journey running my consulting business and it has taught me SO MUCH! And this year I will reinvent it to match what it has taught me. More to come but for now I’m looking forward to building more relationships. Let me know if you want to learn more about FYA and what Jamie and I can do for your business! 

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