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Is your company hitting a plateau, losing momentum, or facing challenges that seem insurmountable? Are your internal operations causing friction on the road to scale? Do you have all the systems in place to rocketship your company? This is very typical for companies that are at strategic inflection points.

Choose FYA and we'll help you scale your business to its next major milestone in just 6 months.

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Key Benefits of Partnering With FYA

Rapid Stabilization

Navigate challenging times with precision and speed.

Sustainable Scaling

Break free from growth plateaus and scale your business sustainably.

Proven Success

Dozens of companies have elevated their operations and achieved significant milestones through our strategic expertise.

The FYA Way

What sets us apart is our ability to craft strategic plans, implement them programmatically, and rigorously measure results against data. This method has consistently led our clients to the winning strategy, enabling them to achieve their next funding round or reach significant revenue milestones in less than a year.

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Clarity and Accountability

Prioritize your goals and put a plan into place to achieve them.

Who We've Scaled With

How We Help Clients

Fractional CXO

Hiring an executive is costly and time consuming. By nature, the process forces you to lose momentum while you search. A fractional CXO can fill that gap immediately, propelling the company forward while searching for the right full-time candidate. We come in and quickly fill the role, driving initiatives as we familiarize ourselves with your company, its personnel, and its ethos. When you're ready, we lead the search process to recruit our perfect full-time replacement.

Biz-Ops In a Box

We offer a complete suite of business operations services designed to supercharge your startup's growth. From strategic planning and program management to financial modeling and business analytics to building you a successful business operations function from the ground up, we give you the tools you need to succeed. Our goal is to give you visibility and control across all departments, fostering alignment and ensuring that everyone is working towards a unified strategy and plan.

Executive Coaching

With deep expertise across leadership development, fundraising, and financial planning, we work one-on-one with founders and executives to develop a strategic plan that is clear and easy to communicate to investors and team members. Our proven “Founder’s Framework” – the system we have designed through our decades of experience scaling growth-stage companies – gives you a trackable and manageable path to attain crucial success metrics.

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Make Growth Sustainable

At FYA, we leverage our extensive experience in strategic planning, financial modeling, program management, and data analytics to deliver unparalleled results.

Our unique approach has successfully allowed us to enable dozens of companies that reached a plateau to break through with new strategies and plans, overcoming company constraints and reigniting growth; and build sustainable momentum and scale for companies in war mode, bringing order to the chaos to facilitate faster and more sustainable growth with minimized damage.

Our proven track record spans a diverse range of industries, from pioneering direct-to-consumer retail expansion with Philz Coffee to navigating the complexities of deep data for insurtech giants like Limelight Health.

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Jamie Rosenberg

Director, Strategy and Business Operations

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Managing Partner

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"Young and Jamie were able to quickly assess the needs of the business while building great rapport. They were incredibly adaptive to our changing needs and were instrumental in helping us navigate transition thoughtfully, fiscally, and strategically. I highly recommend them for any startup needing strategy, modeling, and execution."

bruno caratori, co-founder and coo at hashdex


"FYA's unique approach saved us months of work and effort and gave us the focus and structure we needed to systematically achieve our goals."



"FYA has helped us break down our goals into manageable pieces and divide tasks to allow us to move faster. These simple, executed steps have given us more peace of mind and it actually has resulted in much more speed in our execution."