Our Team

Young Han

Meet Young Han, your growth-stage catalyst with over two decades of entrepreneurial, advisory, and investment success. Having played pivotal roles in scaling hyper-growth venture-backed companies like Philz Coffee and Limelight Health and wrangling the masses at big box companies like Starbucks and Apple, Young excels in navigating the complexities of rapid expansion. As the founder, co-owner, and investor in dozens of businesses, he's a true growth maestro. Young has scaled over 15 companies alongside FYA, leaving an indelible mark on their revenue and employee base. Beyond business, Young wears the hat of a visionary family man, hosting "The Girl Dad Show," a parenting podcast. For CEOs and founders seeking a strategic ally, Young Han is your go-to, offering accelerated growth and strategic innovation. Partner with Young to propel your business into new realms of success.