I am very driven. I love to solve problems. I hate to lose. My father taught me this.

When I was young, my family was quite poor. When my father emigrated from Korea, he brought immeasurable determination with him. He busted his chops to support our family.

In the late ‘80s, Dad invested what little money he had in a liquor store in Oakland. He worked hard and it succeeded. He used the profits to reinvest in new business ventures and continued his path to success. This changed our life.

My father sacrificed many things to lift our family up. This aligns with his values, even today.

If I worked at something and didn’t succeed, my father would say,

“You have to want it more than the next person. You have to work harder than the next person. How hungry are you?

I wasn’t raised to be a successful business person. I learned it.

I wasn’t raised in wealth. I earned it.

Like my father, I have made sacrifices along the way. But in the last year, I’ve reached a wonderful work/life balance, the best I’ve ever had. I still dedicate many hours to my clients and startup projects, networking and continual learning AND I have more time with my wife and daughters, and for myself.

I’ve learned lessons of my own thanks to the security and guidance my dad provided me. My experience has shown me that I shouldn’t worry about making money. I do what I love, do it well, and the money follows.

What are you willing to sacrifice?

What are your values?

How are you defining your goals, measuring your accomplishments, and balancing your life priorities?

How hungry are you?

On Father’s Day, I am grateful to my father for his dedication and all of the sacrifices he has made to provide for our family. I strive every day to do the same for my family – but better. That’s how hungry I am!


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